Founded in 2000, Bit-O-Heaven Ranch Inc. has since been home to over 100 horses that have previously been neglected, abandoned and abused. We provide horse boarding and horse rescue California that seeks to nurse these wonderful creatures back to health and provide them with a loving forever home where they are free from all the abuse and neglect they have suffered in the past. 

Our team is composed of like-minded individuals who have all volunteered their time, knowledge and effort into ensuring that the rescued horses get the proper care and treatment they deserve. Being a non-profit organization, we depend a lot on the kindness and generosity of fellow animal lovers and horse enthusiasts to sustain the day-to-day operations of the ranch. We also offer horse riding lessons California folks can try out and enjoy when they visit Bit-O-Heaven Ranch Inc.

Most of our horses, as well as clients, come from the areas of Bakersfield, CA, Central CA, and the whole of Southern CA.

When a rescue horse comes to the ranch, Diondra and Dr. Arlena Pipkin, DVM evaluate the horse's condition and health needs. A plan for dietary needs, exercise and healthcare is developed and implemented by staff and volunteers. In a few months most are unrecognizable from their former self. In rare cases rehab efforts are not enough to combat abuse or neglect and the horse passes. However, all are loved and spoiled for the remainder of their lives and have their caregivers present when the final run into the great pasture is made. All who come here know love, kindness and generosity for all their days.


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