Q: How long do horses live ?

A: With proper care, diet, and exercise a horse can live into their 40's.

Q: Where do your rescue horses come from ?

A: Believe it or not, most come from right here in Bakersfield, Kern County, and surrounding counties.

Q: What type of sponsor programs are there ?

A: There are both business and individual sponsorships. Both are tax deductible and can be set up with ease. 
     See "Contact Us" section for if you wish to help our cause. 

"This charity is one of the most selfless organizations I have ever seen."

- Sean, Bakersfield

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"The love and care each horses receives is outstanding." 

- TJ, Temecula
"The horses get treats, cookies and an individualized diet."

- Kristen, Bakersfield

"The love and care that Tracy gives to these animals including in their passing is completely selfless."

- Ginny, Bakersfield