In 1997 a dying friend asked if we would take his two horses and give them a good home for the remainder of their lives. Shortly there after word spread and we began receiving inquires from all over Kern County to take in horses needing a loving home. Some seek horse boarding because they have been in abusive homes, abandoned due to housing foreclosures and some just had outlived their owners, or their physical condition made retirement a requirement. 

Tracy Totton-Martin, ranch CEO/director was born and raised in Bakersfield with a strong equine connection helping her grandfather with his Tennessee Walkers; she has more than 50 years experience in caring for horses. 

In 2005, with thirteen rescues we had to move to a larger facility due to the huge demand for horse rescue California. 

2006 brought the official non-profit designation to allow tax-deductible donations and grant solicitations. 

2007 brought the forever part of our ranch; previously, horses were at times adopted out and later found to be in unwelcome conditions all over again. 

With the help of the fine professionals at PEH we continue to provide the best equine care for the abused, abandoned, and neglected in our area.
Today, horses are sponsored rather than adopted. 

Sponsors can at anytime step away from the commitment without harming the horse or its environment. Once a horse comes to the ranch it will stay for the remainder of its days with people and other horses coming and going but the ranch stays the same. 

Since 1997 Tracy and her friends that make up the staff have provided love, healthcare and a final goodbye to more than 100 horses most of whom would have passed in much less loving/caring situations. They also provide an opportunity for scouts and students to complete community projects required for advancement and school requirements at the safety of the ranch.

In 2007 Tracy was recognized by the American Red Cross, Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall as a Hometown Hero for her efforts and accomplishments in the community.'

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